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SB 6305 - Establishing a law enforcement memorial names committee.


Section 1

  1. The Washington state law enforcement memorial names committee is hereby established.

  2. The committee shall determine which names of fallen law enforcement officers shall appear on the Washington state law enforcement memorial on the capitol campus in Olympia. The committee shall meet as needed to review the placement of names on the memorial.

  3. Names that have been approved for placement on the memorial shall be forwarded to the department of enterprise services for inclusion on the memorial.

  4. [Empty]

    1. Each of the following entities may appoint one member of the committee:

      1. Washington state fraternal order of police;

      2. Washington chapter of the concerns of police survivors;

      3. Washington chapter of the national organization of black law enforcement executives;

      4. Washington state patrol troopers association;

    2. Washington state behind the badge foundation;

    1. Washington council of police and sheriffs; and

    2. Northwest association of tribal officers.

    1. The Washington association of sheriffs and police chiefs may appoint one sheriff and one police chief.

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