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SB 6233 - Energy code amendments


Section 1

  1. The minimum state energy code for new nonresidential buildings shall be the Washington state energy code, 1986 edition, as amended. The state building code council may, by rule adopted pursuant to chapter 34.05 RCW, amend that code's requirements for new nonresidential buildings provided that:

    1. Such amendments increase the energy efficiency of typical newly constructed nonresidential buildings;

    2. Any new measures, standards, or requirements adopted must be technically feasible, commercially available, and developed to yield the lowest overall cost to the building owner and occupant while meeting the energy reduction goals established under RCW 19.27A.160; and

    3. All substantive amendments must receive public notice and comment periods pursuant to chapter 34.05 RCW.

  2. In considering amendments to the state energy code for nonresidential buildings, the state building code council shall establish and consult with a technical advisory committee including representatives of appropriate state agencies, local governments, general contractors, building owners and managers, design professionals, utilities, and other interested and affected parties.

  3. Decisions to amend the Washington state energy code for new nonresidential buildings shall be made prior to December 15th of any year and shall not take effect before the end of the regular legislative session in the next year. Any disputed provisions within an amendment shall be presented to the legislature through agency request legislation and enacted into law before going into effect. A disputed provision is one which was adopted by the state building code council with less than a two-thirds majority vote of all voting members. Any vote on subsequent amendments adopted to disputed provisions shall only apply to the subsequent amended provision. Substantial amendments to the code shall be adopted no more frequently than every three years.

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