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SB 6114 - Sustainable aviation fuel


Section 1

The legislature finds that sustainable aviation fuels represent a significant opportunity to reduce emissions in the aviation sector. By requiring a growing percentage of fuel usage by private jets to be sustainable aviation fuel, the state will improve the health and quality of life for Washingtonians and stimulate the growth of the sustainable aviation fuel industry in Washington. The legislature intends to encourage and promote the development, availability, and use of sustainable aviation fuels.

Section 2

  1. Within 24 months of the department of ecology verifying cumulative production capacity of alternative jet fuel of at least 20,000,000 gallons annually as outlined in RCW 82.04.436, airport operators and fixed-based operators, when providing aviation jet fuel for use in private aircraft utilizing jet fuel and operating under federal aviation regulation part 91, owned by individuals or businesses, must provide fuel blends with a minimum of 10 percent sustainable aviation fuel.

  2. The department of transportation aviation division may provide technical assistance to airport operators as necessary for implementation of this section including, but not limited to: Communications, customer advisories, or technical implementation assistance.

  3. The governor, by executive order, may suspend all or portions of the minimum sustainable aviation fuel content requirements in this section based on a determination that such requirements are temporarily, technically, or economically infeasible, or pose a significant risk to public safety.

  4. "Sustainable aviation fuel" means alternative jet fuel, as defined in RCW 70A.535.010.

Section 3

  1. By November 1, 2027, the department must complete a feasibility study for enforcing and carrying out the purposes of section 2 of this act. Findings and recommendations must be submitted to the governor and the transportation committees of the legislature.

  2. Within 12 months of completion of the feasibility study, the department is authorized to adopt rules for enforcing and carrying out the purposes of section 2 of this act.

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