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SB 5691 - Resource & assess. centers


Section 1

  1. The secretary is authorized to license resource and assessment centers if the agency meets the following requirements:

    1. There is a demonstrated need in the local community for a resource and assessment center; and

    2. The resource and assessment center will be primarily staffed by trained volunteers


  1. The department may adopt rules to specify licensing requirements for resource and assessment centers. Rules adopted by the department shall allow:

    1. A sufficient number of trained volunteers to meet staffing requirements;

    2. Flexibility in hours of operation and not require the resource and assessment center to be open if there are no children in its care; and

    3. The ability to operate in a residential area.

  2. Resource and assessment centers licensed under this section may:

    1. Provide care for children ages birth through 17 at the discretion of the resource and assessment center;

    2. Operate up to 24 hours per day, and for up to seven days per week


c. Provide care for children for up to seven days, or up to 14 days with department approval;

d. Be used to :

    i. Provide emergency initial care for children as they enter foster care; and

    ii. Provide respite care; and

e. Address placement disruptions for children .

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