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HB 2399 - School library complaints


Section 1

The legislature finds that too many caring parents and family members have been unfairly vilified for speaking up when their minor children are exposed to age-inappropriate materials at school or in public libraries. Article 1, section 11, of the Washington state Constitution recognizes "absolute freedom of conscience." The legislature intends to assure that parents and guardians of minor children can exercise their freedom of conscience when they see their children exposed to inappropriate media content or other materials at taxpayer-funded schools.

Section 2

On or before September 1, 2024, each school district board of directors shall provide a system for receiving, considering, and acting upon written complaints about library materials in one or more schools of the district. The systems required by this section must provide that final decisions regarding the removal or retention of library materials in response to a written complaint be made only by the school district board of directors.

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