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HB 2355 - MRI technologists


Section 1

The definitions in this section apply throughout this chapter unless the context clearly requires otherwise.

Section 2

  1. The secretary shall issue a certificate to any applicant who demonstrates to the secretary's satisfaction, that the following requirements have been met to practice as:

    1. A diagnostic radiologic technologist, therapeutic radiologic technologist, magnetic resonance imaging technologist, or nuclear medicine technologist:

      1. Graduation from an approved school or successful completion of alternate training that meets the criteria established by the secretary;

      2. Satisfactory completion of a radiologic technology examination approved by the secretary; and

      3. Good moral character;

    2. A radiologist assistant:

      1. Satisfactory completion of an approved radiologist assistant program;

      2. Satisfactory completion of a radiologist assistant examination approved by the secretary; and

      3. Good moral character; or

    3. A cardiovascular invasive specialist:

      1. Satisfactory completion of a cardiovascular invasive specialist program or alternate training approved by the secretary. The secretary may only approve a cardiovascular invasive specialist program that includes training in the following subjects: Cardiovascular anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, radiation physics and safety, radiation imaging and positioning, medical recordkeeping, and multicultural health as required by RCW 43.70.615(3);

      2. Satisfactory completion of a cardiovascular invasive specialist examination approved by the secretary. For purposes of this subsection (1)(c)(ii), the secretary may approve an examination administered by a national credentialing organization for cardiovascular invasive specialists; and

      3. Good moral character.

  2. Applicants shall be subject to the grounds for denial or issuance of a conditional license under chapter 18.130 RCW.

  3. The secretary shall establish by rule what constitutes adequate proof of meeting the requirements for certification and for designation of certification in a particular field of radiologic technology.

Section 3

No person may practice radiologic technology without being registered or certified under this chapter, unless that person is a licensed practitioner as defined in RCW 18.84.020(5). A person represents himself or herself to the public as a certified radiologic technologist when that person adopts or uses a title or description of services that incorporates one or more of the following items or designations:

  1. Certified radiologic technologist or CRT, for persons so certified under this chapter;

  2. Certified radiologic therapy technologist, CRTT, or CRT, for persons certified in the therapeutic field;

  3. Certified radiologic diagnostic technologist, CRDT, or CRT, for persons certified in the diagnostic field;

  4. Certified nuclear medicine technologist, CNMT, or CRT, for persons certified as nuclear medicine technologists;

  5. Certified magnetic resonance imaging technologist, CMRIT, or CRT, for persons certified as magnetic resonance imaging technologists; or

  6. Certified radiologist assistant or CRA for persons certified as radiologist assistants.

Section 4

The secretary may provide educational materials and training to registered X-ray technicians, certified radiologic technologists, licensed practitioners and the public concerning, but not limited to, health risks associated with ionizing and nonionizing radiation, proper radiographic techniques, and X-ray and other imaging equipment maintenance. The secretary may charge fees to recover the cost of providing educational materials and training.

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