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HB 1984 - State clam


Section 1

The Pacific razor clam, Siliqua patula, is hereby designated as the official clam of the state of Washington.

Section 2

The Pacific razor clam, Siliqua patula, is endemic to the Pacific Northwest, abundant on Washington's sandy coastal beaches, and an important part of the cultural identity of the state. Armed with clam shovels and tubes, Washingtonians in recent years have harvested as many as 8,000,000 clams annually.

The oblong shell of the Pacific razor clam is golden-hued, symmetrical, and especially handsome. The flesh is meaty and makes for premier table fare and a healthy, organic, wild food source. As such, digging for razor clams has been a family centric, all-ages, recreational activity, subsistence activity, and commercial endeavor for as long as people have been in Washington, beginning with the many native American tribes. Scientific, sustainable clam management has resulted in safe and bountiful harvests. As a result, razor clamming is a living tradition that attracts hundreds of thousands to the seashore every year, providing healthy exercise and outdoor experiences for Washingtonians while bolstering the local coastal economy.

The legislature therefore finds that the Pacific razor clam is an icon of the state worthy of the title of official clam of the state of Washington. Additionally, unlike other Northwest clam species, razor clams are very mobile, with a powerful foot, providing a sporting chase!

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