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HB 1901 - Removing the sunset on changes to the unemployment insurance voluntary contribution program.


Section 1

  1. A qualified employer's contribution rate or array calculation factor rate determined under RCW 50.29.025 may be modified as follows:

    1. Subject to the limitations of this subsection, an employer may make a voluntary contribution of an amount equal to part or all of the benefits charged to the employer's account during the two years most recently ended on June 30th that were used for the purpose of computing the employer's contribution rate or array calculation factor rate. On receiving timely payment of a voluntary contribution, the commissioner shall cancel the benefits equal to the amount of the voluntary contribution and compute a new benefit ratio for the employer. The employer shall then be assigned the contribution rate or array calculation factor rate applicable for rate years beginning on or after January 1, 2005, applicable to the rate class within which the recomputed benefit ratio is included. The minimum amount of a voluntary contribution must be an amount that will result in a recomputed benefit ratio that is in a rate class at least two rate classes lower than the rate class that included the employer's original benefit ratio.

    2. Payment of a voluntary contribution is considered timely if received by the department during the period beginning on the date of mailing to the employer the notice of contribution rate required under this title for the rate year for which the employer is seeking a modification of the employer's rate and ending on March 31st of that rate year.

    3. A benefit ratio may not be recomputed nor a rate be reduced under this section as a result of a voluntary contribution received after the payment period prescribed in (b) of this subsection.

  2. This section does not apply to any employer who has not had an increase of at least eight rate classes from the previous tax rate year.

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