24.28 - Granges.

24.28.010 - Manner of incorporating a grange.

Any grange of the patrons of husbandry, desiring hereafter to incorporate, may incorporate and become bodies politic in this state, by filing in the office of the secretary of state of Washington in accordance with Article 2 of chapter 23.95 RCW, a certificate or article subscribed and acknowledged by not less than five members of such grange and by the master of the Washington state grange embodying:

  1. The name of such grange and the place of holding its meetings.

  2. What elective officers the said grange will have, when such officers shall be elected; how, and by whom, the business of the grange shall be conducted or managed, and what officers shall join in the execution of any contract by such grange to give force and effect in accordance with the usages of the order of the patrons of husbandry; such articles shall be subscribed by the master of such grange attested by the secretary, with the seal of the grange.

  3. A copy of the bylaws of such grange shall also be filed in the said office of the secretary of state.

  4. The names of all such officers at the time of filing the application, and the time for which they may be respectively elected. When such articles shall be filed, such grange shall be a body politic and corporate, with all the incidents of a corporation, subject nevertheless to the laws and parts of laws now in force or hereafter to be passed regulating corporations.

[ 2015 c 176 § 9119; 1981 c 302 § 13; 1959 c 207 § 1; 1875 p 97 § 1; RRS § 3901. FORMER PART OF SECTION: 1875 c 97 § 2, part, now codified in RCW 24.28.020; ]

24.28.020 - In what pursuits such corporation may engage.

Said grange may engage in any industrial pursuit, manufacturing, mining, milling, wharfing, docking, commercial, mechanical, mercantile, building, farming, building, equipping or running railroads, or generally engage in any species of trade or industry; loan money on security, purchase and sell on real estate, but when desiring to engage in either or any of the above pursuits or industries, said grange shall be subject to all the conditions and liabilities imposed by the provisions of the general corporation laws, and in addition to the conditions to be performed as recited in RCW 24.28.010, shall file additional articles with said secretary of state stating the object, business or industry proposed to be pursued or engaged in; the amount of capital stock, the time of its existence, not to exceed fifty years; the number of shares of which the capital stock shall consist, and price per share, and the names of officers necessary to manage said business, and the places where said officers shall pursue the same.

[ 1981 c 302 § 14; 1875 p 97 § 2; RRS § 3902; ]

24.28.030 - General rights and liabilities.

As a business corporation said grange, after having complied with RCW 24.28.020, shall be to all intents and purposes a domestic corporation, with all the rights, privileges and immunities allowed, and all the liabilities imposed by chapter one of the act entitled "an act to provide for the formation of corporations," approved November 13, 1873.

[ 1875 p 98 § 3; RRS § 3903; ]

24.28.035 - Indemnification of agents of any corporation authorized.

See RCW 23B.17.030.

[ ]

24.28.040 - Use of term "grange"—"Person" defined.

No person, doing business in this state shall be entitled to use or to register the term "grange" as part or all of his or her business name or other name or in connection with his or her products or services, or otherwise, unless either (1) he or she has complied with the provisions of this chapter or (2) he or she has obtained written consent of the Washington state grange certified thereto by its master. Any person violating the provisions of this section may be enjoined from using or displaying such name and doing business under such name at the instance of the Washington state grange or any grange organized under this chapter, or any member thereof: PROVIDED, That nothing herein shall prevent the continued use of the term "grange" by any person using said name prior to the adoption of *this act.

For the purposes of this section "person" shall include any person, partnership, corporation, or association of individuals.

[ 2011 c 336 § 673; 1959 c 207 § 2; ]

24.28.050 - Fees for services by secretary of state.

See RCW 43.07.120.

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