Substitute Senate Bill 5951 as Recommended by Agriculture, Water, Natural Resources & Parks


Section 1

This section adds a new section to an existing chapter 15.140. Here is the modified chapter for context.

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    1. Notwithstanding subsection (4) of this section, no person may knowingly sell or offer for sale any product that is marketed or labeled as a "CBD product" unless the product contains within 33 percent of the amount of CBD claimed on the label.

    2. Such a representation can be made orally or in writing, or by display of a sign, mark, insignia, or simulation.

  2. A violation of this section constitutes a violation of the consumer protection act, chapter 19.86 RCW.

  3. For the purposes of this section, "CBD product" has the same meaning as "CBD product" as defined in RCW 69.50.101(e).

  4. This section does not apply to products sold at a retail outlet licensed under RCW 69.50.325.

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