Senate Bill 5816


Section 1

This section modifies existing section 82.86.050. Here is the modified chapter for context.

  1. The statewide 988 behavioral health crisis response and suicide prevention line account is created in the state treasury. The account is funded through state general fund appropriations. Moneys may only be spent after appropriation.

  2. Expenditures from the account may only be used for (a) ensuring the efficient and effective routing of calls made to the 988 crisis hotline to an appropriate crisis hotline center or crisis call center hub; and (b) personnel and the provision of acute behavioral health, crisis outreach, and crisis stabilization services, as defined in RCW 71.24.025, by directly responding to the 988 crisis hotline.

  3. Moneys in the account may not be used to supplant general fund appropriations for behavioral health services or for medicaid covered services to individuals enrolled in the medicaid program.

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