Substitute House Bill 1839 as Recommended by Transportation


Section 1

This section adds a new section to an existing chapter 47.04. Here is the modified chapter for context.

Commercial motor vehicles, as defined in RCW 46.25.010, that are used in commerce solely to transport property are authorized to park in areas designated by the department as chain up and chain off areas along United States route number 2 and Interstate 90 between May 1st and November 1st of each calendar year for up to an hour beyond federally mandated rest periods when signage posted by the department authorizes the parking of these commercial motor vehicles during this time. Beginning July 1, 2022, the department shall post and maintain signage authorizing the parking of these commercial motor vehicles in chain up and chain off areas that it determines: (1) Have sufficient space to accommodate commercial motor vehicles parking for an extended period of time; and (2) where other safety concerns have been addressed. The department shall notify the Washington state patrol and the transportation committees of the legislature when it posts signage authorizing commercial motor vehicle parking in a chain up or chain off area.

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